General Manager Message

From the General Manager

November means Thanksgiving and soon many of us will either be traveling to be with family or family members will be coming to visit us. StillWaters is a great place to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends.

The leaves have started to fall and many property owners are contacting the SWRA office asking what they can do with the leaves. The two best options are to haul them to the county dump or burn them. They cannot be dumped in the road drainage ditches or on vacant lots. Before burning your leaves, property owners must first contact the StillWaters Volunteer Fire Department at 256-825-0582 to obtain a burn permit. If the fire department is not open, leave them a message that includes your name, address, phone number, and date you plan to burn.

Last month I included an article in the newsletter explaining how property owners can run for a seat on the SWRA Board of Directors. That same article is included in this newsletter. Please read the article if you are interested in becoming a SWRA board member in 2019.

Moonbrook Park is a great place to have birthday party or family get outing. The park is open to all property owners and cannot be closed for a particular event.  Anyone having a party at the park that includes adult beverages must first contact the SWRA office to obtain an additional insurance policy. Property owners who do not obtain the policy before holding a party that includes adult beverages may be fined $500. Please help SWRA keep our park open for everyone to enjoy by following this simple rule.

The time changes this month and that means it will be dark by 5pm. Many owners enjoy walking around our community late in the afternoon as the sun is setting.   Motorist should pay close attention to people walking, running, and biking in our community. The easiest way to improve everyone’s safety is to slow down while driving in StillWaters. The speed limit on all roads is 20mph except for StillWaters Drive, Moonbrook Drive, and Lakeview Ridge, those roads are 35mph. Enjoy life at a little slower pace.

SWRA will be installing Christmas decorations starting November 26th. All property owners and their guests are encouraged to volunteer. It takes a lot of people power to decorate the common areas in our community. Please contact Kevin Eason at 256-825-2990 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in volunteering to help decorate StillWaters.

The dumpsters that were set up at the Welcome Centre last month were a big success. Property owners were able to throw away unwanted items and accumulated junk. The two large 40-yard dumpsters were emptied five times in just two days. Our county commissioner, George Carlton Jr, was responsible for having the   dumpster placed at the Welcome Centre. When you see Mr. Carlton, please thank him for his continued service to our community.

The water level in Lake Martin is being lowered for the winter months. Pontoon boat owners should be careful about letting their boats sit on the dry lake bed while the water level is low. A small sharp rock can easily puncture an aluminum pontoon causing costly damage. Boat motors should also be winterized before temperatures drop below freezing. Now is the time to contact Lee Lewis at Harbor Pointe Marina to make sure your boat it ready for the winter

Kevin Eason, General Manager