General Manager Message

From the General Manager

Early fall is a great time to be at StillWaters and Lake Martin. The lake is not as crowded and the temperatures are a little lower, enjoy playing a round of golf or take an afternoon walk through the community. Now is the time to get outside and enjoy StillWaters. 

Property owners that use the gate located on County Road 34 (aka back gate) have probably noticed the black metal slide gates are not functioning and the entrance slide gate is laying off to the side of the driveway. The entrance side gate was destroyed by an eighteen-wheeler early one morning. A new custom-made replacement gate has been ordered and should be installed soon. The barrier arms are still operating. Please read the article in this newsletter about what owners should do when they see a vehicle that is trying to enter the back gate.

Every two years SWRA rebids the grass cutting and landscape contracts for StillWaters. The contract specifications and requirements are in the processes of  being completed and will be available to contractors by mid-September. The contract requirements are being tweaked a little based on the feed back given by property owners who would like to see more landscape areas maintained on a more regular basis. The problem with improving the landscape and additional grass cutting means that some other areas will have to be reduced to pay for any additional work. Our budget is very limited because our covenants restrict the amount of annual fees SWRA can collect. All property owners need to realize if we spend more in one area then we have to cut back in another, we can only spend what   money we bring in from annual dues.

Several new property owners have moved into StillWaters this year. New and seasoned property owners need to contact the SWRA office whenever they have changed their mailing address, phone number, or email. Help us keep you in touch with what is happening in our community by making sure SWRA has your correct contact information. 

Did you know that the SWRA office offers fax, copier, document scanning, and  notary services to all property owners? There is a nominal charge for some of the services just to cover any cost. Next time you need a notary just come by the SWRA office during regular business hours, we will be happy to notarize your legal documents.

There have been a few reports of new whitetail fawns being found in yards and around houses. The native whitetail deer usually mate during February which puts the time for fawns to drop toward the end of August and first of September. If you find a fawn in your yard or see one on the side of the road, do not touch it. Newborn fawns are unsteady on the legs and rest most of the day. They may wonder into your yard or other open area but the mother will find them and move them back to safety. A mother deer will leave its fawn during the day to help hide it from predators. Do not try to feed a fawn or move it; leave it alone and the mother will take care of it.

Football season has started and it is fun to cheer on your favorite team and brag to your neighbor when your team beats theirs. Remember football and other sports are just a game. Let’s cheer against the other team but when the game is over everyone needs to put aside our rivalries and remember we are all part of StillWaters. A little tolerance will go a long way in keeping our community a great place to live and play.

Kevin Eason, General Manager