General Manager Message

From the General Manager

November should be the month that everyone has a “hall pass” to gain weight. Watching what you eat and trying to not gain weight, just does not work in November. It is everyone’s prerogative to enjoy good food during the Thanksgiving Day holiday. The few that don’t gain weight in November should not worry;  Christmas candy and other sweet treats are just a few weeks away.

Seriously there are many people in our area who will not have enough food to feed themselves or their families this holiday season. There are many local churches, charities, and other agencies that help make sure those who are less fortunate have food for the holidays. Please donate to these local organizations and to the local food bank. A ten dollar donation to a local food bank will feed a family of four at least one complete meal. Volunteering to help prepare, cook, or serve food during the holidays at one of the local organizations is just as important as money.

SWRA will be collecting canned food and other non-perishable food items at the main entrance gate house on Hwy 49 and at the SWRA office from November 1 through November 15. All collected food items will be donated to the local food bank. Please help us collect as much food as possible to give to those less fortunate.

The paving and drainage work that was scheduled for 2017 has been completed. Each year the association roads are the largest maintenance budget item. There are several areas SWRA had planned to work on but could not include due to budget constraints but they will be kept on the list for consideration in 2018.

Those who use Dogwood Trail will notice the intersection of Cardinal Heights and Dogwood Trail appears to be unfinished. The road and intersection is safe just not attractive. Based on a recommendation from the SWRA engineer, SWRA is allowing the ground to settle for the next several months. The ground under the   intersection is unstable due to water erosion. The erosion issue has been corrected but we expect some settling at this intersection. A new asphalt wearing surface will not be applied until the SWRA engineer is satisfied the ground is stable enough not to move and damage any new asphalt.

Please read the articles in this newsletter about the board candidate nominating committee and how property owners can run for one of the two board seats that will be open in 2018. Any property owner who has property that is governed by the 87 covenants and is in good standing with StillWaters Residential Association can run for election to the board of directors.

Come join the fun and help decorate the SWRA Centre for Christmas on November 28th starting at 9am. Contact the SWRA office at 256-825-2990 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you plan on helping decorate. SWRA should have all the Christmas decorations installed by December 1st. Help make StillWaters a festive Christmas community by decorating your property for the Christmas holiday season.

I love StillWaters and it is the best community me and my family have had the pleasure of being a part of. Like all communities we may have a few ups and downs but once you live here you come to appreciate the beauty of our community and people that make StillWaters a great place to live.

Kevin Eason, General Manager