General Manager Message

August has arrived and the end of summer is in sight. August always seems to be one of the hottest months of the year. The Pineview Pool adjacent to the SWRA office is a great place to cool off during the hot August days. Make sure you have an electronic pool key before attempting to enter the pool. Keys can be obtained from the SWRA office.

School starts back for most local school systems the second week of August. For the next nine months, school buses will be picking up and dropping off students in StillWaters. Please watch for children running to and from the school bus. Never drive around or try to pass a school bus.

SWRA is currently working on the 2019 road paving and patching project. Each year SWRA hires an engineer that specializes in road repair and maintenance work. The engineer, along with the help of SWRA employees, provides SWRA with a list of areas where road repair and maintenance needs to be performed. That list will also include work that was delayed from the previous year. The engineer provides specifications for each area and those specifications are provided to at least three different paving contractors to obtain cost estimates. This year’s list of work is much larger than in previous years. The SWRA Board is working on several options to complete the suggested road work and keep our roads among the best around Lake Martin. Owners will be notified when final plans for the work are determined.

Help keep Moonbrook Park clean for everyone to enjoy by picking up all trash and disposing of pet waste when you leave. The park is a great place to take children to run off extra energy or enjoy a picnic on the grass. Recently there has been an unusual amount of trash left at the park and in the park bathrooms. There are trash cans located at the park gazebo and inside the bathrooms. Please properly dispose of all trash before you leave and clean up after your pet.

All residents inside StillWaters should have a 2019 window decal displayed on the front driver’s side windshield of their vehicle. Those who do not will be required to stop at the main entrance gate and provide the same information as required by a guest. Gate attendants are only doing their job when they ask residents that do not have a window decal for the same information they would ask a guest. It is the resident’s responsibility to obtain a window decal from the SWRA office.

Please remember Gate 34 (aka the back gate) entrance side closes to all traffic except emergency vehicles at 11:30pm each night until 5:30am the next morning. Transmitters will not open the gate between these hours. The gate attendants at the main entrance gate cannot open Gate 34 for anyone during these closed hours. The exit side of Gate 34 will open and allow vehicles to leave StillWaters. You do not need a transmitter to exit.

A special thank you to everyone for the kind words and sympathy cards I received after the recent death of my father. His health had declined the last couple of years, but as with most families we did not anticipate losing him so quickly. It is very comforting to know that StillWaters is just one big family. I hope you enjoy living in StillWaters as much as I do.

Kevin Eason, General Manager