General Manager's Message


Happy July 4th!!  We hope you enjoy your July 4th holiday in StillWaters and on Lake Martin.  Please be careful during this busy holiday month.

COVID 19 restrictions are still in place at the SWRA office and throughout StillWaters.  We ask that everyone wear a mask and stay at least six feet apart while in StillWaters.  The COVID 19 virus has shown signs of increased spreading and with the large number of people in StillWaters from all over the country, it is important to continue to follow social distancing guidelines.  SWRA is only allowing one person at a time to enter the association office and you must wear a mask.  Office personnel can take care of most requests over the phone.  Please call the SWRA office at 256-825-2990 if you need assistance during COVID 19 restrictions.

Please remember the SWRA 2020 patching and paving roads project will last all summer.  Several areas have been patched and paved but SWRA is only about fifty percent finished with the project.  After the patching and paving is completed, some of the roads will have a new divider lines and reflectors installed.  There is also drainage work scheduled as part of the 2020 roads project.  Be patient; SWRA is working toward completing the project as soon as possible.

All golf carts and utility vehicles must be registered with SWRA before they are driven on StillWaters roads.  They must have brake lights, turn indicators, and head lights.  Owners must also carry liability insurance.  The complete golf cart/utility vehicle guidelines are included in this month's newlsetter.

July 4th means fireworks.  Fireworks are great to watch and enjoy but are not allowed in StillWaters.  Everyone can enjoy the fireworks at the annual Fourth of July Fireworks and Concert at the Lake Martin Amphitheater located at 8878 Kowaliga Rd, Eclectic, AL 36024.  Gate open at 5 pm, the concert starts at 7 pm, and fireworks at 9 pm.  Go by car or boat and enjoy the lakes best fireworks display.  For more information visit The Amp website

Help keep StillWaters looking its best by properly disposing of unwanted trash.  Please do not discard trash onto the roads or other common areas.  SWRA removes several bags of trash a day from our community roads.  This is expensive and time consuming.  We appreciate the property owners who help keep our community clean by picking up trash as they walk or run.

The three-way stop at the intersection of Dogwood Trail will have a stop sign.  A new four-way stop will be installed at the intersection of Restful Cove, the new boat dry storage parking lot entrance and Lakeview Ridge. The new four-way stop is only a few yards away from the current three-way stop.  This change is scheduled to be made during the month of July.

This time of year, more people are on the lake using their boats for skiing, fishing, sightseeing, etc.  Boat wake is a serious issue around Lake Martin.  Boat wake damages docks, other boats, and the shoreline. Please be mindful of your boat's wake.  Obey the No-Wake areas; even if the area is not a No-Wake designated area, please slow down.  There have been several injuries this year attributed to large wake.

July is hot all month long.  Jump off your new pontoon boat from Harbor Pointe Marina into cool waters of Lake Martin.  Harbor Pointe Marina is your local Crest and Premier pontoon boat dealer. Then listen to the cool sounds of music at Coppers Grill on Friday and Saturday nights all summer long.  Enjoy all StillWaters has to offer. 

Kevin Eason, General Manager