General Manager's Message

StillWaters Residential Association is following COVID 19 restrictions as required by Federal and State governments.  To help protect our employees, property owners, and guest.  The main office is open but the doors are locked. No one is allowed into the office but SWRA employees can assist residents over the phone, by email, and other creative ways by leaving documents in envelopes outside the door.  The gate attendants will not open the gate house door to talk with people entering StillWaters.  They are still recording who is coming in and tag numbers but personal contact is being avoided.  Our maintenance and landscape crews are avoiding all people.  Please don't take it personally if one of our employees ask you to step back or does not let you enter a building.  This is the way life will be until the virus is under control.

The StillWaters pool and tennis courts are closed but Moonbrook Park remains open. All the condominium associations have closed their pools and restricted use of other amenities.  Unfortunately, there are still people climbing over locked gates and congregating in groups of more then ten people.  Please consider the safety of you and your neighbors by following All COVID 19 restrictions.  A short list of restrictions everyone must be following is listed in this newsletter.

The General Managers quarterly informational meeting scheduled for April 21st has been cancelled.  This meeting will not be rescheduled.  The next General Managers meeting is scheduled for July 11th at 10am in the SWRA community room.

New security cameras have been installed at both StillWaters entrance gates.  The software for the new cameras can read vehicle license plates, identify the type and color of a vehicle, captures images in real time, and they have a 360 degree security field that records the image of anyone approaching the cameras from any angle.  The security field ensures that anyone trying to disable the camera system will be recorded.  SWRA gate attendants also have live view of the entrance gates at all times.  These new cameras will help SWRA gain information on all vehicles that enter the StillWaters gates.

Please remember StillWaters residents should now call the SWRA office at 256-825-2990 before burning yard debris. Leave a message that includes your name, address, and day you plan to burn if you contact the office after normal business hours.

Additional 2020 window decals are available to all residents in good standing with SWRA.  Please call the SWRA office and we will be happy to mail you additional window decals.  The 2019 window decals have expired.

Most construction contractors are still working.  Please remember to contact the SWRA office to obtain a permit from the Architectural Review Committee before starting work on any exterior changes to your property.  The ARC meets the first and third Wednesday of each month.  Currently all ARC permit requests are being presented via email or regular mail.

Hopefully the COVID 19 threat will be soon be over and life will return to new normal.  Until that time please stay safe and follow all local, state, and federal health restrictions.  The SWRA office will remain open as long as possible to assist StillWaters residents.

Kevin Eason, General Manager